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    Vargon d.o.o.

    Kukuljanovo 352

    +385 51 499201

    Vargokal sewer pipes and joints are made from polypropylene, and are used for home sewer system and wastewater drainage, in a wide variety of types and dimensions. Positive characteristics of polypropylene are high mechanical resistance, high fusion point (185 °C), perfect shape stability and high resistance to chemicals. Advantages of the Vargokal installation system are the following: Simple and fast installation There is no need for special devices Simple handling and storing Large selection of joint parts Resistivity to mechanical damage High resistance to chemicals There are no layers nor bacteria Resistivity to draining of hot water There are no problems with erratic currents Excellent thermal characteristics Vargokal installation system is made according to EN 1451-1 standard. Pipe production is conducted according to regulations and standards valid in the Republic of Croatia.



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